Tintin : Le Temple du Soleil (comédie musicale)

(Redirigé depuis Tintin, le Temple du Soleil)

Tintin, le Temple du Soleil (Kuifje, de Zonnetempel en néerlandais) est une comédie musicale belge de Seth Gaaikema, inspirée des albums de bande dessinée Les Sept Boules de cristal et Le Temple du Soleil des Aventures de Tintin de Hergé.

La musique du spectacle produit par Marc Besson et Wouter Boits est de Dirk Brossé, alors que Frank Van Laecke était responsable de la mise en scène. Le spectacle a été adapté pour la langue française par Didier van Cauwelaert mis en scène par Eric Lefèvre.

La version originale en néerlandais a fêté sa première le à Anvers ; la version française le au Palais des Beaux-Arts de Charleroi.

64 décors ont été créés pour cet évènement, dont le plus impressionnant fut une véritable chute d'eau, celle dans laquelle Tintin et Milou tombent après que leur corde eut lâché.

En tout, plus de 250 000 spectateurs ont vu le spectacle à Anvers ou à Charleroi. La version française qui devait être montée à Paris à l'automne 2003 a été reportée deux fois avant d'être annulée.


Acte 1

An expedition of seven scientists, the Sanders-Hardiman expedition, discovers the tomb of the Incan mummy Rascar Capac and provokes the anger of the Sun God. A curse descends upon them. Meanwhile, Tintin and Milou arrive on the train at Moulinsart, and Tintin talks to another traveller about the recent return of the expedition from Pérou. He says that all will end badly, desecrating the burial chambers of the Incas like Tutankhamen's – five members of the expedition have already been mysteriously struck down.

Tintin et Milou go to le château de Moulinsart where Capitaine Haddock lives, and they meet Nestor the butler. He says that Haddock is currently horse riding, but he shortly returns minus the horse. Haddock introduces their old friend Tryphon Tournesol, and then tries to show Tintin a magic trick to turn water into whisky, which fails. Angry at not being able to do it, he takes Tintin to the music hall to see Bruno the magician perform the trick.

That evening at the music hall, Tintin and Haddock watch a performance by the opera singer Bianca Castafiore, which Milou turns into an impromptu duet. Haddock storms out from the show because of Castafiore's singing. Ragdalam the fakir and Yamilah the clairvoyant perform after Castafiore; after a few novelty predictions, Ragdalam asks Yamilah to tell him about a woman in the audience, Mme Clairmont. She says that her husband, Clairmont, is a photographer, and that he has been struck down by the curse of Rascar Capac. Mme Clairmont must leave the show with her daughter, Fleur, when she receives a message that her husband is indeed ill. The magician's act is on, and Haddock stumbles onto the stage with a stage prop of a cow's head on his, after having got lost backstage trying to find his way out.

Tintin, Haddock, Tournesol et Milou go to the home of Professor Hippolyte Bergamotte to protect him, as he and Tournesol were students together. The police detectives Dupont and Dupond have also been sent to protect Bergamotte. Bergamotte reveals the mummy of Rascar Capac, and Tintin reads the prophecy that the expedition found in his tomb. A storm comes, a ball of lightning comes down the chimney, destroys the mummy, and Bergamotte realises that the prophecy is true. He is then struck down by the curse like the others.

At the hospital, Fleur and her mother sit by the bed of Clairmont. Tintin arrives following Bergamotte's attack, and Fleur asks him to help her 'papa'. Tintin says he will, and leaves the hospital, whilst Fleur reassures her mother that everything will be alright because Tintin will help them. In the garden, Tournesol mysteriously disappears following his donning the bracelet.

Later at Moulinsart, Haddock is depressed because of Tournesol's disappearance. Castafiore, her accompanist Igor Wagner, and her maid Irma arrive; Castafiore announcing she will be staying for a period. Haddock and Tintin manage to escape and head to the docks, where they discover that Tournesol has been spotted on the ship Pachacamac and is going to Peru. They catch a flying boat to Peru, and as it flies into the distance, the curtain closes on Act One.

Acte 2

In Peru, Tintin and Haddock ask whether anyone has seen Tournesol, but are met with "No sé" ("I don't know") from everyone. Tintin and Milou intervene to stop two men bullying a child. The child, Zorrino, reveals that he is an orphan living on the streets. Tintin cheers him up by making him a little boat out of newspaper. Zorrino reveals that he knows where Tournesol is – he has been taken to the Temple du Soleil (the Temple of the Sun). Zorrino leads them on a trek to the temple, with many perils against them. Milou is taken by a condor, and Tintin climbs to the top of a cliff to look for him. He is attacked by the condor and, hanging onto its legs, is carried to the ground where he discovers Milou.

Meanwhile, Dupont and Dupond have found Tournesol's pendulum and attempt to use it to locate him. They mistake the indications given by the pendulum, and travel to the North Pole and meet an eskimo, to the Far East, and to Écosse. Eventually they realise that the pendulum is pointing to Peru, where Tintin and Haddock are, and head off in pursuit.

Tintin, Haddock, Zorrino et Milou reach a Chute d'eau. Zorrino and Haddock cross without incident, but as Tintin crosses, with Milou in his rucksack, the rope snaps and they fall through the waterfall. He survives the fall and Haddock and Zorrino join him on the other side of the waterfall, in a subterranean cavern. At the same time, an Incan ceremony is taking place. Suddenly, Tintin, Milou, Haddock and Zorrino crash through a hidden door in the wall.

They are blindfolded, and the Grand Inca declares that their punishment for profaning the temple is to die at the stake, but grants them one last wish: they are allowed to choose the day and hour of their deaths. Zorrino is separated from the others as they are imprisoned, visits them in their cell, and unfolds the little boat that Tintin had made for him. Tintin reads the newspaper and finds their salvation. He tells the Incan guard that they wish to die in eighteen days' time. When the day comes, they are bound to the stake on the funeral pyre whilst a ceremony takes place. Dupont and Dupond arrive, having finally found Tournesol; they are also tied up. As they are about to be sacrificed, Tintin "commands" the Soleil; everything goes dark as the Lune moves in front of the Sun's face. Tintin reveals to a startled Haddock what he read in the newspaper: the impending solar eclipse!

The Grand Inca begs Tintin to make the Sun show its light again, and he does so. The Inca sets them free, as they have the favour of the Sun. Tintin asks for the curse of Rascar Capac to be lifted, and in Europe, the expedition members awake, to the delight of Mme Clairmont and Fleur, who thank Tintin. Back in Peru, the Grand Inca adopts Zorrino, and as everyone comes together, the cast takes their bows. The curtain falls.

La sortie en vidéo compromise (DVD)

Il était initialement prévu que le spectacle en français qui devait avoir lieu à Paris soit filmé pour sortir en DVD. L'évènement ayant été reporté puis annulé, le DVD le fut aussi et il ne sortira probablement jamais.

Seules quelques vidéos amateures que l'on peut visionner sur Youtube ainsi qu'un reportage publicitaire néerlandais existent. Celles-ci nous montrent un aperçu de plusieurs scènes importantes.

Distribution de la création (néerlandophone)

  • Tom van Landuyt : Kuifje (Tintin)
  • Henk Poort : Kapitein Haddock (capitaine Haddock)
  • Johan Verminnen
  • Jacqueline van Quaille : Bianca Castafiore
  • Frans van der Aa : Professor Zonnebloem (Professeur Tournesol)
  • Guido Naessens : Jansen (Dupont)
  • Chris Van den Durpel : Janssen (Dupond)
  • Chris de Moor : Grote Inca
  • Marc Meersman
  • Ernst van Looy : Professor Bergamot (Professeur Bergamotte)
  • Zohra et Zihna : Bobbie (Milou)

Distribution de la création (francophone)

  • Fabrice Pillet : Nestor
  • Vincent Heden : Tintin
  • Frayne McCarthy : Capitaine Haddock
  • Franck Vincent : Dupond
  • François Langlois : Dupont
  • Jacky Druaux : Professeur Tournesol
  • Jacqueline van Quaille et France Emond : Bianca Castafiore
  • Ernst Van Looy : Professeur Hippolyte Bergamotte
  • Zhora et Zina : Milou

Chansons, scènes et informations

Charleroi Cast

Acte 1
  • La grotte de l'Inca, Pérou – Rascar Capac
  • La gare – Tintin et Milou
  • Le château de Moulinsart – Rien dans les manches
  • Théâtre du variété palace – Ah, je ris (duo pour diva et chien) ; L'hypnose ; Rien dans les manches (reprise) ; Les 7 boules de cristal
  • La bibliothèque du professeur Bergamotte – La valse des professeurs ; Contrôle total
  • La clinique – Contaminées ; Tintin, aide nous
  • Le jardin du professeur Bergamotte – Soleil ; Promenade avec Tournesol
  • Le château de Moulinsart – Le rossignol milanais ; Tonnerre de Brest
  • Le port – Tonnerre de Brest (reprise)
Acte 2
  • Le marché de Callao, Pérou – No sé ; Contrôle total (reprise) ; L'empire des riches
  • La loge d'opéra de Bianca / Le voyage – La vie est un opéra ; Milou et moi
  • La cabine téléphonique – Le pendule
  • La loge d'opéra de Bianca / La jungle – Feu de joie
  • La chute d'eau
  • Le Temple du Soleil – Rascar Capac (reprise) ; Le Temple du Soleil ; Prière de Zorrino
  • La prison – Adieu au whisky ; Le bateau-journal
  • Le bûcher – Le bûcher ; Soleil (Finale)

Paris Cast

Acte 1
  • Rascar Capac —
  • Tintin et Milou —
  • Ah, je ris —
  • Contrôle total —
  • La victoire du coeur —
  • Le soleil (solo) —
  • Mille millions de mille sabords —
Acte 2
  • No sé —
  • L'empire des riches —
  • Milou et moi —
  • Feu de joie —
  • Adieu au whisky —
  • Soleil (finale) —

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