Stéphane Obadia

Stéphane Obadia est un musicien et photographe français.


  • Solo Fiasco "Solo Fiasco"'
  • Nudist with Laptop "Still growing happiness" (Wrong Music)
  • Obadia "Where does dust come from" (Autres Directions in Music)
  • Rob Steady "Miettes (premiers cut-ups)"
  • Rob Steady "Ask no lies" (12rec + Netlab)


  • The Matrix Revisited (Warner Bros)
  • Opensource.players (Source records)
  • Catalogue 2000 (Catalogue)
  • V/a - Etc (Wrong Music)
  • Various artists, keepin' it real in 2005 (12rec)
  • Various - The Beautiful Beat (Zerinnerung/Mixotic)
  • Dislocations, music for a picture (sqrt)
  • Bag of Nothingness (Error-Broadcast)

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